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About Ideal Home Care Solutions
About Ideal Home Care Solutions

Live-in care is a full-time home care solution where you as a care worker are required to live with the service user in their own home seven days a week and although you will have breaks you are responsible for the user's well-being the rest of the time.

This solution allows a service user to stay at home in familiar, relaxed surroundings, supported by a full-time live-in care worker who undertakes all the duties detailed in an individually designed care plan.

Many care workers enjoy this one-to-one personal home care service as it allows them to concentrate on one person at a time. Unlike other care environments, live-in carers have the time to build a relationship whilst maintaining a high standard of care. Whilst it is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding jobs you can have, it's also demanding, challenging and comes with a huge amount of personal responsibility.

It's is a calling, not just a job

It takes a special kind of person to be a live-in carer. A good carer is someone who truly cares about others and is not just earning a living. This is a special job, and it needs special people to do it.


Whilst it is advantageous for our Carers to be able to drive, it's not necessary to have your own car. The ability to drive offers flexibility on a number of levels; it gives us greater flexibility in the care packages that we can offer you. If you'd like to work in a more remote, rural placement, then that is more feasible if you can drive and have a car. It also gives you the flexibility to get out and about with your customer if their condition allows. If the customer still has a car, we often suggest that our Carer be added to the family insurance policy.


When a new Carer goes into replace an existing Carer, we insist on a fully detailed handover. Whether acting as holiday cover or as a permanent replacement, this principle remains. This protects our Carers (and our users) from the unexpected. The new Carer will be fully briefed on all aspects of the individual care plan, including routines, medications, preferred meals, nap times and any other pertinent information.

When a Carer first starts with Ideal Home Care Solutions, they shadow an existing Carer for a period of time. This could be 6 hours if the care package is quite straightforward, or up to 24 hours if it is a more complex.

Matching customers and care workers

At Ideal Home Care Solutions we put a lot of effort into our matching process; we try to match on the basis of personality, location and experience. Experience is a big determining factor when matching a user and Care worker. Certain care packages and conditions will require more experience than others; we never put our Carers into situations that they are not equipped to handle.

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