Tips For Alzheimer’s Caregivers

In light of World Alzheimer’s month we a recommending Top Tips for Alzheimer Caregivers

1. Don’t be in denial – When a loved one starts to show signs of Alzheimer’s don’t be in denial like it’s natural to do. Get a diagnosis, start getting treatment and plan for the future.

2. Interact on Their level – It may not be possible to interact with your loved one like you always have, so best to figure out at what level or stage they seem to be interacting at and do the same.

3. Try putting something meaningful in their hand – This may take some experiment and differ from person to person.

4. Try introducing them to Pets, Music, Children or Art – These four activities usually appeal to people particularly in the late stages of Alzheimer’s

5. Try not to argue, correct or disagree – This usually leads to the person digging their heels in even further and making it harder to communicate.

6. Don’t bring up upsetting topics – If you bring up a conversation that you know your loved one is sensitive about, it will most likely lead to battle that you don’t want to have.

7. Don’t stop visiting when they forget who you are – Just because they don’t remember you it does not mean that they have no feelings, they may enjoy being visited.

8. Take care of yourself – Being a care giver is hard work, so the more rested and relaxed you are the better care giver you will be.

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