6 Gentle Exercises for Elderly People

1. Chair Stand – Sitting in a normal-height chair, stand up, and sit down, but don’t just plop down. Focus on controlling the motion, using your arms to assist you if needed. Try doing 10 to 15 reps. If that’s too easy, try a lower-height chair. Too difficult? Find a higher-height chair.

2. Stretching – You can stretch sitting in a chair, if that helps. And you can use a , a nylon strap with built-in loops for your hands and feet.

3. Gardening – Gardening burns calories and boosts pleasure-enhancing endorphin, easing depression that can be associated with arthritis. But always pace yourself.

4.  Marching – This is a good form of light cardio exercise. Conventionally, you need to stand and march on the spot – this is a good warm up exercise for most workouts and a simple addition to your daily routine will help you in many ways. However, there is also a sitting option, which is also good for strengthening hips and thighs.

5. Upper Body Twist – You will need to sit down for this one because here, we’re going to work your back and develop some flexibility. As exercises for older people go, the health of your back is essential for maintaining and improving your mobility.

6. Sideways Bending – It is the mainstay of any lower body strengthening routine and the best thing is, it is simple and useful for any age. Helping your hips and legs develop and maintain strength is the best way to improve your mobility, making this one of the best exercises for older people.

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