Tips For Seniors To Beat The Heat!

Elderly people are more vulnerable this time of the year, and it’s important that care-givers and relatives check on their loved ones to see how they are coping during the high heat.

Top Tips For Beating the Heat!

1. Drink plenty (non-alcoholic fluids) – 8 or more glasses of water or fruit juice a day to stay hydrated.

2. Dress Appropriately – Ensue you wear loose fitting clothes in natural fabrics and dress in light colours the will reflect heat instead of darker clothes that will draw it in.

3. Sunblock – Always protect your skin when outside by wearing hats, sunglasses and sunblock.

4. Try to stay indoors during extreme heat.

5. Air Conditioning – If you don;t have air-con try to go somewhere that does

6. Cool Bath or Shower – Sometimes having a cool bath or shower does wonders for keeping cool and hydrated.

7. Keep the House Cool – Temperatures within the home should not exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. Beware Sun Stroke – Know he signs of sun stroke (flushed face, high body temperature, headache, nausea, rapid pulse, dizziness and confusion) and take quick action if you feel the symptoms arising.

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