12 Activities for People with Dementia

In Light of Dementia Awareness Week Ideal Home Care Solutions are talking about how we can help those suffering from Dementia and how we can help and support them.

Activities that provide cognitive stimulation ideally target both mental and social functioning. Cognitive stimulation can be administered either in a group setting, such as that of a nursing home or residential care setting, or it can be provided individually by a professional or family caregiver and tailored to the affected individual’s specific interests and abilities.

12 Activities for People With Dementia

1. Thinking – puzzles, games, reading

2. Physical – take a walk, arm and leg exercises, dancing

3. Social – visiting with family and friends, senior center activities

4. Chores – folding the laundry, setting the table, feeding the pets

5. Creative – arts and crafts projects, painting, playing music or singing

6. Daily living – taking a shower, brushing teeth, eating, getting dressed

Reminiscence therapy is another type of cognitive stimulation that can help improve the quality of life for an individual with dementia, this may include activities such as:

7. Looking through photo albums

8. Creating a scrapbook

9. Telling “I remember when” stories

10. Re-reading saved letters and greeting cards

11. Listening to music

12. Baking and eating a special family recipe together



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