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About Ideal Home Care Solutions
About Ideal Home Care Solutions

Ideal Home Care Solutions is all about its staff and our continued success is built on having the very best care workers in our team. Having the right staff is fundamental to everything that we do and we are incredibly proud of every single member of our team.

We know that each moment of care provided has the opportunity to change someone's life for the better so we make sure that our care workers are people who will make every day count.

Typical Care Worker

Our care workers come from a whole range of backgrounds; have different hobbies, skills and life experiences and form a diverse group, spanning age, gender, experience, skills and nationality. One thing that each member of our team has in common is their passion for care. Their driving factor for being a care worker is the ability to make a difference to someone's life. We have learnt through the years providing care that each and every customer is unique. By having a large pool of care workers we have the ability to match your preferences, wants and needs.

Commitment to Training

The skills that our care workers have are second to none. In addition to a comprehensive induction process for each new care worker we provide on-going specialist training in conditions such as Stroke and Dementia. Many of our care workers hold QCF qualifications and have experience of working in care in many different settings over many years. When your care worker has been placed with you they will receive on-going support, training and development.

Whilst the wealth of skills and experience that our care workers have is a must at Ideal Home Care Solutions we recognise that this is not what sets us ahead of other care providers. What make the real difference are the personalities and characteristics that our care workers have. We have a lengthy and rigorous recruitment and selection process for care staff which spends as much time finding out what kind of person they are as it does checking their skills and qualifications. Their behaviours, attitudes and passion for care are essential attributes that we evaluate at every step.

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